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Corner of Main St. & 14 South St.
Southbridge, MA 01550

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Viennesse & Classic Cuisine

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Chef Jonathan Krach holds a House Specialty - Kalbshaxen

Celebrate Authentic
Classic European
Continental & Cuisine

Graciously presented, each and every dish is lovingly prepared for you from scratch in the world's smallest restaurant kitchen!

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Offering Knowledge of Austrian, German, Swiss, Bavarian, French Polish, Hungarian and even some dishes of Russia
- After all, they were ALL cousins!

For the less adventurous person be sure to try our Steaks and Seafood - Sure to satisfy any taste. Wiener Schnitzel, Schnitzel Cordon Bleu, Sweet Chicken Paprika, Beef Stroganoff, Tafelspitz or Sauerbraten? We've got the place for you! Do you have a special someone who is celebrating and deserves an unforgettable dinner in an upscale, romantic setting. Our unique restaurant atmosphere and fire-side dining awaits you and your guests!

Do you have a special request? Give us a call and we'd love to assist you!

Sitzungzimmer dining room (located upstairs)
 is opened up to the Cove and our Konigzimmer
Guest suite ~ as they all adjoined to create an
area for a private dinner party

Our parlor room is grand for a Sunday afternoon leisure Dinner or relax by fireside~Enjoy a cappuccino & dessert!

Amanda poses with some great draft beers!

Our Vienna Frauliens are ready to serve you!

Sunflowers from our garden in the parlor room
Our Franz Josef Dining Room seats up to 24 guests comfortably - The Rembrandt dining room 18 -20 guests

Vienna's Staff are eager to meet your "Special Dietary Concerns or Details regarding your specific celebration requests".

Help us make your evening unforgettable

Call us for an added personal touch such pre-selected bottle of wine present at the, a personal note/card at your guests seat, pop some Champagne for some friends Anniversary or just some flowers waiting at your table on arrival. When you look best, we do as well!

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Fried Camembert Cheese, Roasted Duckling Au piorve, Baked Stuffed Lobster, Mussels a la Vienna