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The Vienna Story begins at the ... Hofbrauhaus in West Springfield's LogoThe Hofbrauhaus of West Springfield, MA the  Krach Brothers owned and operated from 1980-1995

Jonathan Krach and Susan Krach-Holsten share a toast at the Hofbrauhaus in West Springfield MA

Jonathan and Sister Susan posing for Phantom Gourmet's photographer - Cheer for the ulitmate in awards - The "Platinum Platter Award" in 1982


The Story Begins in Longmeadow, MA on Forest Glen Rd.

Tess and Mitchell Krach at a dinner party

Mitch & Tess Krach were bringing up 5 children.  

While quite dynamic even at the age 9, Jonathan and his brothers became entrepreneurs by starting Krach brothers Inc. an All Season Lawn Care & Catering business – budded mainly to entertain Mom & Dad’s business clients & friends – later well-known for their professionalism of these events. You could catch a glimpse of young Jonathan in his tuxedo pouring Champagne & engaging in Jonathan Krach at 7 years old was already an eager and professional diner conversation with the Mayor, Governor or even the Bishop.  Hard work was quite proverbial to them; they spent the summer of 1978/79 unloading railroad cars at Lynch Lumber where Mitch Krach managed the business. They would often stop at a local restaurant around the corner after work and that is when they had an epiphany.  Jonathan Krach at 16

In 1979, at a tender age of 17, Jonathan and his siblings purchased a neighborhood “Gin Mill” called the Hofbrauhaus in West Springfield.  A shot & a beer was only a $.65.   After one solid year of extensive renovation they prevailed, by word of mouth a new trend had been born - the “H. B.” aka The Hofbrauhaus !  It was a success but only because of unbelievable sacrifice and dedication from the staff & family.  Both Jonathan and his brother Mitch were mentored by Johanna Sanczuk, their Grandmother who was in the restaurant/Hotel business for 35 years in Springfield’s famous Highland Hotel and later Student Prince & the Fort restaurant. 

La Caravelle Poster New York CityThe brothers most fortunate to have had tutelage with Stewart “Scottie” Gray as well, Roger Fessaguet and the late Robert Meyzen, Sr. of New York’s famed La Caravelle.  Both Fassaguet & Meyzen; were masters of both Front & Back of the House decorum. 

The real boost came after appearing on “Phantom Gourmet” channel “3” out of Hartford, CT, and their lives were never the same! Whether it be opening other restaurants, saving the historic “Log Cabin” atop scenic Mount Tom in  Holyoke, MA, catering homecoming for troops after the first Gulf War for 10,000 people, operating the Hofbrauhaus Hofbrauhaus in West Springfield sometime in 1980s featured Bavarian delights and German cuisine that rivaled the Student Price in Springfield just over the bridgeAlpine festival at the “Big E” Eastern States Exposition or being a private Chef for luminaries upon their corporate jets and private yachts

.A group from the popular Hofbrauhaus restaurant in West Springfield gathered to mark 10 years since they all worked as a team, most staff for at least 15 years!

The fast life came to an end with the Hofbrauhaus being sold in 1995. Jonathan took a break from the fast pace of the restaurant business and decided to work in the field of Technical Recruiting working with Boeing, Lear Jet, BMW and Pratt & Whitney to name a few.  His diverse knowledge in these areas made him a natural, but he truly missed his love of restaurants.  He continued to consult on the side.

Lisa met Jonathan while briefly working as Salad Garni Chef in 1993. After briefly dating, 5 years passed with out seeing each other.  After being mentioned in conversation, Lisa now working as Bridal Consultant for the Log Cabin, she decided to locate Jonathan.  After catching up with each other –they married 10 months later in 1999.  With a new blended family upon them, they opted to work together on an ongoing consulting consignment in Charlemont, MA.  The Warfield House – a 530 acre family farm was developed by Jonathan 4 years prior.

Lisa in her first dirndl dress Lisa at 4 years old... pretending to be Julie Andrews from the sound of music

Jonathan was again hired to rescue it from closing its doors due to family dispute.  With 19 years of unique & unusual restaurant experience from wedding consultant, frontline hostess, bartender, banquet waitress, cocktail waitress, head wedding server, dessert & salad garni chef, catering ... but never running an Inn, Lisa had her work cut out for her!  Historic Inn’s and Bed & Breakfasts had always fascinated Lisa; however she couldn’t see it easily fitting into her schedule of being a young mother.  She soon found herself in charge of decorating the two Inn houses, planning weddings and assisting in the restaurant duties while being a Mom of 2 small girls at the time just 4 & 9.  After being promised a chance to purchase the property, the owner returned from a winter in Florida and had re-thought his decision.  Jonathan said ...

“It is time to think of getting our own place”.

Not a week had gone by when an old friend was recorded on the message machine; it was Keith. Thru a very serendipitous connection, friend Keith Leaning, previously Head Bartender at the Hofbrauhaus, now a masonry contractor, called his old friend Jonathan with a need for a consultant on laying out a Pub and Restaurant in an old historic building in Southbridge called the “Flat Iron”.  The job was completed two-days later.  The person was Gabriel McCarthy, satisfied with the work Jonathan had done, he asked about his newest property he was just completing the building 14 South Street, soon to be Vienna Adriana, Amanda and Mom 2003 our 1st year at ViennaRestaurant & Historic Inn.

This was a huge leap of faith!  Everyone told us we would fail, they all wished us a "Good Luck".  However, we felt differently and that is why the story was born...

The flatiron building is why we found Southbridge

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